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We warmly lcome you to the “15th Jamboree and 2nd Interamerican Camporee 2017". You will be part of a magical experience, full of adventure, fun, discovery, learning, community service, fellowship and more; you will visit different places in a wonderful country, whose name comes from the dividing line of the world into two equal parts, the "Equator".

Ecuador was the inspiration of Charles Darwin to write the theory "On the Origin of the Species" after meeting the enchanted Galapagos Islands, revolutionizing the scientific world of that time and becoming a unifying concept in modern life sciences. Ecuador is the most megadiverse country per square kilometer in the world, with its four regions: the heavenly Galapagos Islands, its incomparable beaches, majestic mountains and exuberant Amazon rainforest are preparing to welcome thousands of Scouts across America, as it will be the most spectacular event in recent years. The entire Ecuador, its nature and Scouts are ready to welcome all of you and live TOGETHER a great adventure of fellowship and discovery.

See you there...!!!

Scout Association of Ecuador



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